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According to the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the regional administrations:

Art. 3. The regional governor is a sole executive authority in the region and  shall ensure implementation of the state’s policy and  correspondence between national and local interests in regional policy.
Art. 4. (1) The regional administration is led and represented by the regional governor
   (2) In his activity the regional governor shall be assisted by deputy regional governors and regional administration.
   (3) The regional governor shall be appointed by the Ministerial council
   (4) The deputy regional governors shall be appointed by the Prime Minister
    (5) the regional governor shall determine by order the rights and the fields of activity of the deputy governors.
   (6) In case of absence of the regional governor, he shall be represented by a deputy regional governor, appointed by a written order of the governor.
 Art.5. (1) The regional governor shall collaborate  with the bodies of the local self-government on the territory of the region, with the executive authorities and with other institutions outside the system of the executive authority.
   (2) The regional governor shall collaborate with the managements of the local structures of the trade unions, the organizations of the employers, the organizations for social support and with non-governmental organizations.
Art. 6. (1) The regional governor  shall present to the  Council of Ministers annual   report for the activity of the regional administration.
   (2) The regional governor shall present to the Minister of State Administration annual report on the condition of the local administration, which includes information on the condition of the municipal administration in the municipalities on the territory of the region.
Art. 7. (1)  The regional governor shall:
1. ensure implementation of the state’s policy in the region, coordinate the actions of the executive authority and their administrations on the territory of the region and their collaboration with the local authority;
2. ensure correspondence between national and local interests, organize the working out and the execution of region plans, strategies and programs for local development, interact with the bodies of local self-government and local administration;
3. be responsible for the preservation and protection of state property on the territory of the region;
4. control the lawfulness of the deeds and actions of the bodies of local self-government and local administration;
5. ensure the observance of the Law on the territory of the region and administratively control the execution of administrative deeds;
6. coordinate and control the performance of the deeds and the actions of the heads of the territorial departments of the central administration of the executive authority in the region;
7. cease  the execution of illegitimate acts of the municipal councils and take them to the respective regional court within one month from their obtaining; he has the authority to rescind illegitimate acts of the mayors of the municipalities within one month after getting knowledge of them or his approaching on them if there is no other order provided;
8. lead information policy and strategy, which guarantee clarity and accessibility of the activity of the administration he heads observing the provisions of the Constitution and the laws  ;
9. organize the working out, the public dispute and shall  participate in the execution of the region development plan;
10. present the region development plan and the annual report for its realization to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works;
11. organize  mobilization and defense  training of the population, shall be in charge of the protection of the population in cases of natural disasters and accidents and be  responsible for the observance of  the public order;     
12. be responsible for the planning and preparation of the administratively territorial unit for defense;
13. confirm  the transport schemes of the region;
14. be responsible for the international contacts of the District on regional level;
15. present motions for including in the working agenda of the Council  of Ministers through a deputy prime minister or a minister;
16. confirm  the job descriptions and responsibilities of the region officials;
17. have the authority to appoint the state officials in accordance with the Law for state officials and act as employer under labor contract by the Labor Code.
18. send with an official order region officials on business trips in the country and abroad;
19. confirm the official seal of the regional governor, which is round in shape, as well as other seals for office needs;
20. have other legal authorities, assigned to him with a law or an act of the Council of Ministers
    (2) The regional governor shall give out orders within the limits of his legal authority

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