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   Regional Administration Yambol was established by Decree in January 1999 for the validation of the borders, administrative centres of the regions and the municipalities, included in them, as a legal entity on budget support with seat – the town of Yambol. It includes 5 municipalities: Yambol, “Tundzha”, Bolyarovo, Straldzha and Elhovo. The Regional Governor is a second level spending unit to the Council of Ministers.

   As an institution, the Regional Governor is a conductor of the state policy, he is responsible for the protection of the national interests and the law and exercises administrative control.

   The Regional Governor is a body of general jurisdiction. He organizes the development and the implementation of the regional strategies and the regional development programs, coordinates the work of the state bodies in the region and their interaction with the local authorities, as well as the interaction between the local self-government bodies and the local administration.

   The Regional Governor protects the state property in the territory of the region. He is responsible for the maintenance of the public order, controls the implementation and the application of the acts of the President and the Council of Ministers; ensures the observation of law and exercises the administrative control of the conformity with the law of acts and actions of the local government bodies.

   According to the nature of the activities they perform, the administrative units in Regional Administration are divided into general and specialized administration.

   The General administration is organized in the Directorate „Administrative and Legal Services, Finance and Property Management“. It ensures technically the activity of the Regional Governor, of the Specialized Administration and the activities for the administrative service of the citizens and legal entities.

   The Specialized Administration is organized in the Directorate „Administrative Control, Regional Development and State Property“. This directorate is divided in the following departments: „European Integration, Ethnic and Demographic Issues“, „State Property and Regional Development“, „Legal and Administrative Control“.

   Regional Administration Yambol has established the following councils and committees:
• Anticorruption Committee;
• Regional Council of Tripartite Cooperation;
• Regional Council on development;
• Committee on Employment;
• Regional Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Demographic Issues;
• Regional Council on Working Conditions;
• Committee on Transport;
• Episootic Committee;
• Committee on road safety;
• Council on energy efficiency;
• Staff for coordination of the emergency and rescue actions;
• Military monuments in Yambol region.

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